General terms of use

Article 1. General

In these general terms and conditions, you are the customer, the natural person or legal entity that makes use of the services and products of ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv. The vendor is ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv (with registered office at Natiënlaan 125, 8300 Knokke-Heist, enterprise registration number 0822.347.489). These general terms of use apply to this website and to the services that are provided through this website. “This website” means the website at and the websites that are part of this website. By using this website and ticking the "Ik ga akkoord met de voorwaarden en bepalingen” (I agree with the terms of use) box, you acknowledge that you have read these terms of use and accept all terms of use below.


Article 2. This website

2.1. The contents of this website and the information that is provided herein (including photographs, logos, texts and brands) as well as the underlying system by which this content and information is offered, are the property of ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv or its partners or its sponsors. You therefore agree not to use this website or this platform, including the contents or information for unlawful, commercial or non--personal ends. Consequently, your are not permitted to refer to this website in the promotion of your own commercial activities without the prior agreement of ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv. You agree not to transform, copy, distribute, transmit, show, provide, reproduce, publish, license, derive work from, transfer or sell or resell any information, software, products or services obtained from this website or this platform.

2.2. This website or allied platforms are trademarks of ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv. The brand names of products, services or company names that are named or shown on this website are protected as intellectual property of either ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv or their respective owners, partners or sponsors of ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv.

2.3. The contents of this website were complied with the greatest of care and are regularly updated. However, we guarantee that the information on this website is completely free of error. You accept this and acknowledge that such a guarantee cannot be given. The website is provided as it is displayed on screen.

2.4. ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv can never be held liable for direct or indirect damage ensuing from the use of or inability to use this website or this platform, the information, products or services, based on a contract, illegal act, risk liability or otherwise, even if ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv is notified of the possibility of such damage.

Article 3. Your obligations

3.1. When you place an order you are deemed to be liable for the order, even if it must be drawn up in the name of and sent to a third party.

3.2. You must be over 18 years of age and legally competent to be able to buy tickets.

3.3. You confirm that the personal data provided by you on the ID form on the website when you order e-tickets or products is correct and complete. ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv reserves the right to reject or cancel the order if fraud is suspected.

3.4. You are solely responsible for any mistakes you make while ordering, such as entering an incorrect email address, entering an incorrect quantity or misunderstanding the characteristics of the services provided. You are also responsible for the use and security of the email program you use. The risk of loss of products sent digitally is transferred to you when your provider receives the delivery email. After delivery you are responsible for the e-ticket sent to you.


Article 4. Sale of tickets

4.1. Unless stated otherwise on the website, the prices stated comprise all costs connected with the purchase, delivery and use of the Products.

4.2. When purchasing products on this website, you must follow the steps described, such as indicating the desired products and the desired quantity, following the payment process and entering any personal data that is needed. Each step in the sales process is explained on the website. You have the opportunity to check your order and make any changes before proceeding to payment.

4.3. The e-tickets are deemed to have been ordered when the registration form has been sent and payment has been made. E-tickets are only sent to the email address stated in the order form. There are no other dispatch options. You order will be cancelled by ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv if your e-tickets are not paid for in cash. VAT and any other taxes (which are included in the advertised price) are always payable by you. The e-tickets cannot be refunded, even in the event of loss or theft, returned or exchanged. If ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv accepts a cancellation, you hereby accept the costs that will be charged for this. There is an option to order tickets through this website for collection at the ticket office on the day of the event.

4.4. If you have not received the tickets four working days before the event in question (or, if you place your order within four working days of the event, 1 working day before the event in question), you should contact ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv at You will no longer be able to gain entry to the event using the original tickets. Delays in the processing of an order cannot give rise to compensation, refund or a penalty charge.

4.5. The e-ticket should be printed on white paper and presented at the entrance to the applicable event on the date stated. You will be allowed into the event provided you hand in your ticket. You may also use the QR code sent to you to gain entry to the event. If you print your e-ticket, everything must be legible without ambiguity. In all other circumstances, you may be refused entry to the event. Each barcode or QR code corresponds to a single ticket. The e-ticket will be scanned at the event cash desk. The e-ticket can only be used once on the date stated. If the same barcode or QR code is scanned again, it will be rejected and the holder will not be allowed to enter. Attempted misuse, counterfeiting or fraud may lead to criminal proceedings. ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv guarantees that the e-ticket is genuine, provided it is purchased at You should not accept any offers from third parties or other websites.

4.6. You do not have any right to a cooling-off period with regard to the purchase of tickets at ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv. The e-ticket will not be refunded or exchanged.

Article 5. Payment

The products may only be paid for by means of online payment methods that are made available on the website. You must bear the charges imposed by your financial institution for processing payments to ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv. All purchases are payable in cash.
ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv reserves the right to reject or cancel orders if there are indications of fraud.

Article 6. Liability of ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv

ZOUTE GRAND PRIX BV guarantees that the products give a right to the services stated on the website. Presentations on this website of previous editions of the event are no guarantee that future editions will occur in the same way.
Unforeseen circumstances, such as the weather, may necessitate changes to the content of the event. In these cases, ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv endeavours to offer an alternative of the highest quality. However, such circumstances do not give you any right to a refund. 
If the event is cancelled or postponed due to unforeseen circumstances, you are entitled to either retain the ticket that gives you right to attend the postponed event or demand a refund of your ticket free of charge. Any demand for a refund must reach ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv within two weeks of the original date of the event for which the ticket was purchased.
Any announcement about any change to the programme will be made through this website. ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv is not obliged to announce this through any other communication channels.
The liability of ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv is in any case limited to the value of the purchased products. ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv can never be held liable for other losses (such as travel expenses or overnight costs).

Article 7. Sale of ZGP apparel

Any River Woods-branded clothing offered for sale on this website is offered by BVBA IDEA MOVERS, Noorwegenstraat 17, 9940 Evergem. The applicable terms and conditions can be read here:

Article 8. Offer of hotels and accommodation

ZOUTE GRAND PRIX provides links on its website to external websites that offer accommodation and hotels. ZOUTE GRAND PRIX is in no way responsible for the information on these websites and cannot be deemed to be an enterprise providing accommodation. All information found on these external websites is beyond the responsibility of ZOUTE GRAND PRIX.

Article 9. Privacy

Personal data is collected through this website to ensure the proper performance of the contract of sale. Personal data may also be kept to ensure the proper provision of the service of ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv and/or demonstrate the proper performance of the contract. It may be used by ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv and its branches and be shared with third parties (including media group, organiser, promoter and venue) that are contractually bound to ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv for marketing purposes.
Pursuant to the law of 8 December 1992 protecting privacy in the processing of personal data as well as the royal decree of 18 February 2001 implementing the law of 8 December 1992 protecting privacy in the processing of personal data, you are entitled to access your personal data and to withdraw your permission for the use of your personal data for marketing purposes by sending a written signed request by email to or by post to the registered office of ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv, subject to proof of your identity. 
Pursuant to the law of 11 March 2003 concerning certain legal aspects of the services of the information society as well as the royal decree of 4 April 2003 regulating the sending of advertising by email, by means of a written request you are also entitled to withdraw your permission for the sending of advertising by email.

Article 10. Other stipulations

10.1. If any of the clauses of these general terms of use are declared null and void, the parties undertake to replace the clause declared null and void with a clause that best conveys the original intentions of both parties.

10.2. Your relationship with ZOUTE GRAND PRIX bv is governed exclusively by Belgian law. In the event of a dispute, the courts of the legal district of Bruges have exclusive jurisdiction. 
Parties accept electronic means of communication (such as email, fax and text messaging) as proof in their mutual relations.