by STOW 2020

The ZOUTE RALLY® by STOW is a three-day rally and is only open to cars that were registered for the road for the first time between 01.01.1920 and 31.12.1965. On Thursday you are invited for the conformity test, on Friday and Saturday you will drive approximately 250 km's a day. The rally is divided into a regularity rally (with an average speed and regularity tests) and a drive (a shorter course without regularity tests).

Entry starting from €4,495.00 excluding VAT, per car, with driver and co-driver.


The ZOUTE GT TOUR® is a drive over around 150km for 200 exclusive and modern GTs (younger than 20 years and which appear in the list of the 18 car brands that sponsor the event). The cars get underway on Sunday morning and complete a number of speed and dexterity tests on the way, including the ZOUTE GT SLALOM®, the ZOUTE GT TEST® and the ZOUTE GT SPRINT®. After the final test, the GTs set off back to Le Zoute in a parade under police escort for a lunch.

Entry starting from €1,295.00 excluding VAT, per car, with driver and co-driver.

Registrations will open shortly.


The ZOUTE CONCOURS D’ELEGANCE® by EY. The concours d’élégance will be held on Saturday and Sunday, presenting more than 50 classic cars from the pre-war and post-war era and exclusive premium cars assessed by an international panel of judges. Each application is first submitted to the selection committee and must be included in one of the proposed classes. More information about the classes can be found on the relevant page of the website.

Entry starting from €1190.00 excluding VAT, per car, with driver and co-driver 

by Bonhams 2020

The ZOUTE SALE® by Bonhams is an international auction featuring fifty or so sports and classic cars. These cars are auctioned by the prestigious and renowned auctioneers Bonhams. The international bidders will be present in person or take part by phone or through the Bonhams website. If you would like to sell a car or you would like to bid, please subscribe below.

For specific questions, send an email to gregory.tuytens@bonhams.com.