Do visitors have to pay to attend the ZOUTE GRAND PRIX® ?

The largest part of the ZOUTE GRAND PRIX® takes place in the streets of Knokke-Heist with free entry. Please check the detailed program for the start and arrival times on the Zeedijk.
Should you wish to visit the ZOUTE CONCOURS D’ELEGANCE® by Bank Degroof Petercam, buy your tickets here.
Tickets can also be purchased on the day at the same price: € 35 (Saturday) & € 40 (Sunday) / person / day.

Will the route of the ZOUTE RALLY® be published?

For security reasons, we do not give out any information about the route. Only the public zones will be released. Check the program

Can i attend the ZOUTE SALE® by Bonhams?

If you wish to register for the ZOUTE SALE® by Bonhams as a visitor / buyer / seller, we would like to refer you to Bonhams. More information.

Will the entry list of the ZOUTE CONCOURS D'ELEGANCE® by Bank Degroof Petercam be available?

We do not release an entry list. All available information can be found here

Are children younger than 10 allowed at the ZOUTE CONCOURS D'ELEGANCE® by Bank Degroof Petercam?

Children younger than 10 are not allowed at the ZOUTE CONCOURS D’ELEGANCE® by Bank Degroof Petercam. Dogs are also not allowed on the terrain.