Great news for the lovers of the Italian auto-design! For the ZOUTE GRAND PRIX®, the Museo Storico Alfa Romeo will present two exceptional models from its international collection: the 33 Spider Cuneo (1971) and the Giulia TZ2 (1967). Both cars are not coincidentally linked to Belgium: the first was exhibited to the Brussels Motor Show 1971 while the Giulia TZ2, which the original dates from 1964, was very successful among the Belgian race drivers in the 1960’s. Not to be missed!

The year 2017 marks 107 years of the Alfa Romeo brand, an anniversary that coincides with the addition of two new models to the range since the birth of the most recent arrivals Giulia (2016) and Stelvio (2017). Those two cars were designed on Alfa Romeo's new, purposefully developed platform codenamed “Giorgio”. To mark this important milestone, Alfa Romeo will once again be at the ZOUTE GRAND PRIX®. As well as contemporary models, Alfa Romeo will also be exhibiting two vintage vehicles made available to FCA Belgium by the Alfa Romeo Museum. 


The first of these two cars is none other than the Alfa Romeo 33 Spider Cuneo. The model, to be shown at the Alfa Romeo Pavilion on the seafront in Knokke, is of extra special interest to Belgian enthusiasts: This very prototype, designed by the famous coach builder Pininfarina and developed on the basis of the renowned Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, was unveiled to the world at the Brussels Motor Show back in 1971. With this prototype, Pininfarina, under the direction of designer Paolo Martin, signed onto a masterful project which perfectly reflected the aesthetic spirit of the 1970s. The sharp, clean lines of the 33 Spider Cuneo mark a major step forward when it comes to car design, a step that had an impact on cars in the series into the 1980s. The very basis of the Cuneo prototype was none other than the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, presented in 1967. The Stradale is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017 and will be the subject of special attention at the Alfa Romeo Museum before the end of the year. 


The second car on loan from the Alfa Romeo Museum is the Giulia TZ2. This model will be on show at the ZOUTE CONCOURS D’ÉLÉGANCE® by Bank Degroof Petercam . Also the product of a collaboration with a major Italian design firm, in this instance Zagato, the model TZ2 perfectly reflects the style of a 1960s sports car. Developed by Autodelta, Alfa Romeo’s sporty division, it was conceived first and foremost with competition in mind. Not content to top the style stakes on the 1960s Italian car scene, the TZ2 also established itself as an accomplished athlete. Numerous drivers have been at its helm taking part in prestigious races. Credit for its sporting prowess also goes to the creative genius at Zagato who came up with its innovative design. Under his leadership, the body was given a sharp, aerodynamic design and a truncated rear section nicknamed “coda tronca”, with a view to making it more aerodynamic and improve its performance. 

Likewise with the Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2, there is a special link to Belgium: Several Belgian drivers have been at the wheel of this model taking part in sporting events, among them Lucien Bianchi, who brought home a class win from the Nürburgring circuit in 1966, and the Belgian team Troesch-Pilette in 1967… The memories that the 33 Spider Cuneo and the Giulia TZ2 bring back are sure to delight fans of fine motor cars at the next ZOUTE GRAND PRIX®, taking place in Knokke from 5th to 8th October of this year. 


Besides these vintage models, Alfa Romeo’s newest and most iconic cars will also be on display in Knokke. In the Alfa Romeo Pavilion on the seafront in Knokke, visitors will have the chance to admire an Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce, a Stelvio Super and a 4C Edizione Corsa, three vehicles recently put to the test by the drivers of Scuderia Ferrari on the iconic Balocco circuit in Italy, the home of Alfa Romeo’s test facilities. On the podium, set up at the famous Place Albert in Knokke, spectators will be able to have a look on a Giulia Quadrifoglio and a Stelvio Super, both in “Rosso Competizione” livery in line with the brand’s traditional historic standards. 


The Alfa Romeo Museum – a time machine 

The museum symbolises the history of the brand, and its architectural revamp now allows the building to cater for new activities and new waves of visitors. The 69 models on show have been selected on the basis of their importance, not only in terms of the development of the brand but also the history of the car in general. Here you will find the original A.L.F.A. model (the 24 HP), the legendary winners of the Mille Miglia race such as the 6C 1750 Gran Sport driven by Tazio Nuvolari, the “heavyweight” 8C Touring, the Gran Premio 159 “Alfetta 159” (Formula One World Champion with Juan Manuel Fangio at the wheel), the Giulietta, 1950s icon and the glorious 33 TT 12. The essence of the brand has been condensed into three principles: “Timeline”, which represents the continuity of the industry, “Beauty”, a marriage of style and design, and “Speed”, a synthesis of high-flight engineering and streamlined architecture. Each of these principles has its own dedicated floor. Visitors to the exhibition also get the big picture, including the evolution of the brand, of car design and of the glorious motor racing epic attached to the Alfa Romeo brand. 


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